DMO and Editor Comments

What Destination Marketing Organizations and Editors Say About Working with Pam and Gary:

“…My heartfelt thanks for doing a stellar job on an article with so many moving parts and one that covered a lot of territory around the lake! I know your article and photos will make a LOT of people very happy, both readers and the winery owners.

I normally edit stories to be written in the third person POV, but let this one stay in the second person style because I really enjoyed the candid way you put the reader in the experience…

Thanks again for being true professionals and fun to work with as well.  As an editor, you make my job all the more enjoyable!”

– John Vitale, Editor and Publisher, Washington Tasting Room 

 “I want you both to know I have enjoyed getting to know you through your work and in our business relationship. I always look forward to seeing your name in my mailbox. I always know your contributions will be well-written and engaging. You two are real pros, and a pleasure to work with.”

– Mary Charlebois, Editor, Rovology

“This article is pristine. Absolutely lovely and no fact corrections at all. Beautifully done! Thank you so much. We thoroughly enjoy working with you guys!”

– Ashley Cates, Creative Director, Travel Medford

“Pam and Gary Baker were a delight to host in our community. Not only did they participate in every element of the FAM tour we put together for them, they braved incredibly blustery winds to hike Badger Mountain to take in breathtaking vistas. They truly captured the essence of the Tri-Cities as being the Heart of Washington Wine County through their writing. Professional. Courteous. Engaged. Pam and Gary. We hope they will visit again soon.”

– Michael Novakovich, President and CEO, Visit Tri-Cities Washington